Cohousing is a global definition for a supported and socially active way of living in intentional self-managed communities. Tartessos Malaga S. Coop. And. is made up of a group of people who, thinking of tomorrow, are launching an Active Aging Project where they can enjoy full maturity, without depending on the help of family or the Administration.
The main characteristics of our project are based on the construction of a Residential Complex with common and private areas for 68 members, which will offer all the services they may need. The interior design project is based on durable, warm materials and in light tones.


Location: Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga, España

Plot area: 4.250 m2

Built up area: 7.854 m2

Partners in charge: Carolina Rivera

Team members: Carolina Rivera, Alberto Aranega, Elena Guevara & Jorge Rivero