During the last two decades, we have seen how the designs of single-family homes have been simplified, resulting in homes with simple lines and neutral tones, however, on too many occasions we see that simplicity is distorted and white cubes settle on plots without any relationship between them or their environment.

In this case, the end user was sure that he wanted a house with simple lines, and after making an exhaustive study of the orientation, the environment and the local materials, we ended up with a volume with large terraces and windows that allow light to enter meanwhile controlling the solar gains, and open spaces where comfortable family life develops, but above all a timeless and Mediterranean aesthetic.

Location: Mijas, Málaga, España
Built up area: 475m2

Member in charge: Julia Herrera
Team members: Carolina Rivera, Julia Herrera, Alberto Aranega, Elena Guevara, Jorge Rivero & Pilar Rivera