This holiday home is planned in a prime location in Costa del Sol, beside the Calanova golf course, and offers stunning views of the Mountains of Mijas and the Alboran Sea. Only a few scattered villas and a residential complex are also part of the colonization of the landscape.

To make the most of it, we apply the existing regulation on this narrow and long plot. A spacious living room leads to a terrace area designed to be enjoyed and lived, especially in summer. The swimming pool, at the same level of the platform of the house, creates a beautiful combination of lights and reflections on the facade.

This is a space to live, celebrate everyday life moments, contemplate the sea and appreciate the presence of the Mountains of Mijas.

Location: Cortijo Colorado, La Cala de Mijas
Plot area: 650 m2
Built up area: 400 m2
Partners in charge: Julia Herrera & Carolina Rivera
Team members: Laura Soler Elena Guevara, Antonio Ochoa, Jorge Rivero