Linda Vista in Marbella

Linda Vista Ocwa Architects Arquitecto Marbella

This house called Linda Vista in Marbella is configured by generating a linear structure, which focused all the perspectives of the house on a north-south axis, closing us off from a hostile street and creating its own private interior landscape. The spaces that are generated between these ribs are intertwined, favoring double circulations, flexible environments and diluting the visual limit between interior and exterior.

Linda Vista 4. OCWA Estudio de arquitectura Marbella
Linda Vista 3. OCWA Estudio de arquitectura Marbella

Technical Specs

Linda Vista beach, in Marbella next to archaeological remains.

Linda Vista beach is located in San Pedro de Alcántara, one of the most popular urban centers in the municipality of Marbella. It is a beach of thick, dark sand, which offers the unique incentive of having a series of important archaeological remains very close.
A few meters from the beach is the early Christian site of the Basilica Vega del Mar. A very short distance away we can see the vestiges of the town’s Roman past: the Roman baths known as “las Bóvedas” and, next to it, a defensive beacon tower from the 16th century.
Linda Vista beach is a fantastic space to experience the Mediterranean along its 650 meters of length.

Location: Marbella, Malaga, España
Plot area: 500 m2
Built up area: 930m2
Partners in charge: Julia Herrera
Team members: Julia Herrera, Yaiza Ruiz & Jorge Rivero

Linda Vista. OCWA Estudio de arquitectura Marbella
Linda Vista Tartessos, OCWA Estudio de arquitectura Marbella

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