The project for “Los Patios” is located in a residential area in la Costa del Sol called Rancho Domingo, near Benalmadena Pueblo.

The villas in this area are perfectly integrated in their natural setting. The structural and aesthetic characteristics of the properties found in this small area are present in the whole residential area. Its exquisite architectural features are rare in such a touristic area as this region got badly spoilt by real estate speculation.

Such connection between nature and architecture and such architectural fine taste is the work of a prominent author: architect Robert Mosher, one of the most outstanding disciples of North American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Having in Benalmadena the work of an architect that worked with one of the most important artists of the 20th century is something so unique and special that the city of Benalmadena decided to include this architectural gem as part of its patrimony and create regulations within this area to follow Mosher’s standards.

With beautiful views above the sea, this luxury house of 450m2 follows a programme which main goal is answering the needs of the contemporary family in the layout and interior while following Wright’s architectural aesthetics in the exterior.

Its integration in the topography ; the use of traditional materials; the outline of the floors of the property revolving around the vast living room; the inclusion and integration of interior patios and terraces; the creation of a visual axis with the swimming pool as a focal point; interior spaces planned in different levels with leaning and flat ceilings; the constructive solution for windows and doors; and the abundance of vegetation integrated in architecture are the main characteristics that have been taken into consideration to design this property.

Location: Rancho Domingo, Benalmádena
Plot area : 2600 m2
Built up area : 700 m2
Partners in charge: Julia Herrera & Carolina Rivera
Team member: Alberto Aranega
CGI’s + interior design : N-mobe architecture