Malaga’s Pharmacists Association Headquarters

The new Pharmaceutical Association’s building, revolves around a central courtyard, wich serves as the core of the building. Starting from this idea of a closed block in which the courtyard is the protagonist of association’s activity, the building is perforated and fragmented on the ground floor to give rise to the different accesses of the building, as well as to preserve the pre-existing trees of the plot.

The initial volume also evolves with 20º turns towards a more complex volumetry, looking for the best orientation and the best views, due to the hostility of the main avenue located in front of the facade. It aspires to be a reinterpretation of Mediterranean cubic volumetry.

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Location: Málaga, España
Built up area: 4.720m2

Partner in charge: Carolina Rivera
Team members: Julia Herrera, Alberto Aranega, Elena Guevara, Jorge Rivero & Rebecca Hourdaki
In collaboration with Global Lynx Design