This project is about a centre of excellence for European Buddhism.

Taking the inspiration from Shamatha meditation as a reference, the project is going to become a metaphor of this, and it is going to be approached as a rising journey that will make users gain certain skills that will help them reach inner peace. Our proposal is a topographic approach where the shifting and modification of level curves organise a sequence of limits by creating spaces included in the programme.

The design gets camouflaged in the level curves and vegetation. Areas covered by plants and the importance of nature in this project are the reasons why this can be considered a landscaping proposal.

The project is developed taking into consideration a unifying threat of situations that make reference to the journey a Buddhist experiences on his/her way to illumination; this is going to be understood as the union of the spiritual programme and a sequence of spaces adapted to this programme. This continuity is reflected on both, flooring and section.

Our proposal therefore has a topographic approach where exterior and interior become one, which means that interior/exterior will be quite similar, and both will be part of this journey.

This way, level curves will be part of this continuity approach.

Location: Benalmádena
Plot Area : 12.000m2
Architects: Julia Herrera
Team member: Aurea Rodríguez